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Getting your prospect to open your e-mail is the first step.

The next step is to get him to read it and click on the link inside it.

With the advent of the internet, our life has been filled with distractions.

We send and receive 269 billion emails on an average every day. Additionally, we are subjected to 5000 marketing messages in the form of notifications, social media ads, telecalls, radio ads etc.

In this wake, it is safe to assume that your prospect would not spend much time reading your marketing e-mail.

Hence, it is important that your email is quickly able to convey your message and entice your prospect to convert on the offer.

Here is a list of 5 e-mail body best practices you need to follow to increase conversions:

1. Match Body Text with Subject Line

Your readers have shown great trust in your business and in your offer by opening your e-mail.

You should take all steps to make sure that you don’t break that trust level. Instead, you should work towards nurturing that trust and create a long-lasting relationship with your prospect.

A great way to do that is to stay consistent with the messaging across your subject line, body text, and landing page.

While you might use a catchy subject line to get your e-mail opened, if it doesn’t resonate with the body, the opportunity would not lead to final conversions.

2. Format the Text 

Considering our mailbox is always cluttered, you cannot expect your prospect to spend much time on your e-mail.

Hence, you should format the text to enables your prospects to quickly scan through your emails and identify whether there is value for them in the mail or not.

Smart tip: Use bullet points instead of writing full paragraphs

3. Personalize

E-mail provides you a platform for direct communication where you can develop a personal relationship with your prospects.

One way to do it is by personalizing your e-mails. This not only helps you build a personal relationship but also increases trust levels and motivates your prospects to act.

Smart tip: A great way to personalize your e-mails is to add real names of the person you are addressing to.

4. Mobile-optimized

According to The Radicati Group’s mobile statistic report, “by the end of 2018, we can expect 80% of the users to access emails on their phone”

Hence, you need to ensure that you follow the same design principles on mobile as you are doing for desktop thereby providing a consistent experience.

5. Branding

Email should be looked at as another way to reinforce your brand message.

Consistent branding message should always be a part of your email campaigns.

This helps you in building a sense of trust with your audience and creating a long-term relationship.

Smart tip: You can do that by including your logo either in the top corner or signature of the e-mail or both.


With the amount of information overload we all have in our lives, we just skim and scan through the content. Hence, it is imperative that you follow best practices in your e-mails to increase conversion rates.


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What are the best practices that you use in your e-mail subject line? Please comment below