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You have got your prospect to open your email and you have also got him to read it.

What’s next?

You want him to take action and complete the journey

This is where a powerful call to action helps you.

It helps you to draw your prospects’ attention to the action you want them to take. It can either be signing up for your offer or downloading some content or just reading the blog post.

Here, you will find 5 best practices that you need to follow in your e-mail call to action to increase conversions:

1. Use Contrasting Colors to Stand Out

The main purpose of your sending the e-mail is to inspire people to convert on your offer or blog post.

It is important that you make that purpose clear on the e-mail as well.

Hence, your call to action button should clearly stand out in your e-mail to ensure it is clearly visible.

If your call-to-action button is blending too much with your email, it would have a tendency to be missed.

Smart tip: While it is important to make your call to action noticeable, you shouldn’t include too many of them in your e-mail. Apart from hampering the user experience, it can also have a negative effect on your conversion rate.

Here is a great guide by Converkit on how to choose the right color

2. Size

As discussed before, it is important that your call-to-action stands out in your e-mail for it to be clearly visible.

Hence, it should be large enough to be read easily

Smart tip: Call to action should not be so large so as to look obnoxious or irritating.

3. Text

Given the amount of e-mails and marketing messages received every day, your prospects would just scan the e-mail. They wouldn’t really know what to do with it.

Hence, you should clearly communicate what you expect your prospects to do.

Additionally, you should also clearly communicate the value that they will gain once they click on the call to action.

In order to drive maximum clicks on your call-to-action, you should use action-oriented words. Some of them are: “submit”, “enter”, “reserve”, “download”, “start”, “try” etc.

These action-packed words should go along with the specific text for your offer.

This reinstates the idea in your prospect’s mind thereby compelling him to click on it.

4. Use Only One Call to Action

As discussed above, you can only expect your prospects to scan through your e-mails. While scanning, they shouldn’t be confused about what is required to be done.

Hence, you should use only one call to action i.e. every call to action in your e-mail should drive only one goal.

Note: By one, I do not mean just one button. Rather, every button/link in the e-mail should direct your readers towards a single page.

5. Test it Out

Once you have created the call-to-action, the process is still not complete. You need to test out all the different components to see which one ensures maximum conversions.

Note: Not every email needs a call-to-action. Lead nurture e-mails should educate, entertain and keep-in-touch with your buyers. For that, it is not necessary to guide your prospect to a landing page for further information.


E-mail is at the core of your every campaign. You might be able to get your prospects to open and read your e-mail but it is actually finally conversions which determine the ROI of your campaign.

Hence, you need to follow best practices to optimize your call to action for maximizing conversions.

Resources round-up

  1. How to choose the right color for your call to action

What best practices do you follow in your call to actions to increase conversions? Please comment below