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Marketers like us are always on the lookout for capturing people’s attention.

Hence, whenever someone comes to the website, we have newsletter sign-ups, webinars, eBooks and other offers to capture the interest. However, with all the noise and competition, it is becoming increasingly challenging to follow this approach.

It is time to get smart about your lead generation/subscriber generation strategies and boost your conversion rates.

Here are 5 smart hacks which you can use to generate leads from your website:

1. Remember the “F” rule

The placements of your CTA can have a profound effect on the number of leads you are generating from the website. It is important to not only make your CTA stand out on the whole page but also place it in your prospect’s natural view radar.

According to a recent study by Nielsen, we have the tendency to start looking in the upper left-hand corner of the page and then move our eyes in an F-shaped pattern.

You can capitalize on this natural tendency of humans by placing your CTAs in key spots where they are easily visible.

2. Live Chat

As your prospects start searching the web for more information about a product or solution, they want someone to answer their questions in real time with precision.

It helps you in two ways: First, it helps you to capture the interest of your prospects. Second, assistance at this stage helps you in establishing your thought leadership which can bring significant long-term results.

Here is a great guide by Kissmetrics on how live chat can maximize conversions on your website

3. Pop-ups

If you are not able to capture the interest of your prospects on your website, it can be because you are not asking for it.

This is where pop-ups help you in plugging that gap and capturing the email ids.

It might seem that pop-ups interrupt the flow of your customers thereby completely hampering their experience. In a lot of cases, it is true that pop-ups are annoying for your customers.

However, if you use them intelligently, they have the potential to generate high quality leads for your business.

How can use the pop-ups intelligently?

When you are considering when and how to use the pop-ups on your website, you need to think first about your prospect’s journey.

Some of the questions which you need to think about are:

– What is my prospect looking for on my website or blog page?

– What kind of offer can I give my prospect to capture his interest? Should it be a “Sign-up” form for your newsletter? Should it be an eBook or a webinar which can guide him in his journey? Should it be a free consultation offer?

– At what time should I show this pop-up? Should it be when my prospect has just entered the website? Should it be when he is about to leave? Should it be when he has scrolled the page? Should it be after he has spent some time on the website?

For example: If someone has just landed on your website and scrolled down till the end, you can assume that he is trying to understand your company. In this case, you can offer him a one to one call to offer him consultation.

Similarly, if someone is going through your solutions and has spent some time already on your website, you can offer them a webinar link or an eBook link which provides them more information about your product and solution.

Here is a great guide by Wishpond which explains the different type of pop-ups and how you can use them.

4. Sticky top bar

They are prominent bars that stay at the top of the screen and scroll with the page. This ensures that they remain within your prospect’s sight without hampering his experience.

You can use them as a call to actions for your content offers, free trials, free consultations, to increase your email subscriber list etc.


They have been proven as a great hack to increase your conversion rates on your website.

5. Contact form

There are times when your prospects might be prompted to directly connect with you to know more about your solution or to get their doubts addressed.

In such cases, it is always a great practice to include a contact form at the end of your website. This can help you in capturing the stage of your prospects’ buying journey and their queries.


Using this information, you can draft your response and guide your prospects through the rest of the journey.


The existing practices used by marketers to capture the interest of their prospects are being treated as noise. In this wake, it is time to become smart about lead generation through website.

You can use the above smart hacks to increase the conversion rates on your website and engage with your prospects in a personalized manner.

Resources and tools round-up

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How do you plan to use these smart hacks on your website? Please comment below