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According to a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute, 94% of the executives rate LinkedIn as the #1 channel to distribute content.

LinkedIn is, by far, the largest professional network.

Consider these stats:

More than 467 million professionals are on LinkedIn. Out of that, 61 million are senior level influencers, 40 million are decision makers, 10.7 million are opinion leaders, 6.8 million are C-level execs and 3 million are MBA graduates.

In this article, you will find 6 ways in which you can use LinkedIn for marketing your businesses.

The first 3 would be organic ways i.e. ways for which you don’t have to pay anything. The latter 3 are ways of expanding the reach of your organic attempts by paying a fee to the platform.

1. Company page

The company page is your visiting card and catalog combined in one space. You can use this space to tell your story, mention your brands and to communicate your unique value proposition.

This way, you can give your prospects a fair idea about your company before you engage with them

Tip: You need to include keywords in the company description since this affects your SEO ranking thereby driving visibility not only on LinkedIn but also on search engines.

Here is a guide by LinkedIn to help you optimize your company page on LinkedIn

You can find inspirations on how to manage your LinkedIn company page from here, here and here.

2. Showcase page

Showcase pages are extensions of your company pages. They have been designed by LinkedIn to enable you to spotlight a brand, business unit or initiative.

You can use this space to differentiate your target audience for different products or initiatives, each having its own messaging.

3. Long-form posts

Members on LinkedIn are engaging with the platform every day to connect with brands and opportunities. They do that by reading and sharing thought leadership articles which enhance their knowledge.

This provides you an opportunity to drive your prospect’s engagement with your brand. You can do that by publishing valuable content that increases his knowledge levels about your industry.

Some of the topics that you can write upon are:

– What are the current industry trends? Where do you see the industry in 5 years?

– How has the industry evolved since you started?

– What is the biggest challenge facing your industry?

Apart from that, you can also have some content articles about your product/solution. However, don’t push that too much or else it turns out to be sales pitch instead of a knowledge transfer session.

While publishing content without mentioning your product might seem futile, it helps you by building credibility in front of your prospects.


As you start building your organic presence, in parallel, you should keep some budget aside to amplify that presence.

This helps you to extend your reach and enable you to engage with your prospects at scale.

Here are 3 different paid options which LinkedIn provides you to extend your reach:

4. LinkedIn sponsored content

LinkedIn’s feed is the area which receives the most engagement on LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn sponsored content, you can push your content directly into the feed.

This allows you to capture attention when they are most engaged while at the same time maintaining the user experience.

Hence, it leads to a better conversion on your content and your lead generation campaigns.


5. LinkedIn sponsored InMail

269 billion emails are sent and received every day

With so many emails sent and received, we usually have an email fatigue. In this wake, LinkedIn InMail provides you an opportunity to directly engage with your audience on another platform thereby addressing the shortcomings of email.

Additionally, with LinkedIn targeting capabilities, you can be highly personalized and targeted with your communications thereby leading to increased conversions on your offer.

6. LinkedIn Ads

These are solutions through which you can promote your offer on the premium spaces of LinkedIn. This platform provides you the option of running both text as well as display ads.

With advanced targeting options based on the members’ profile available, you can drive highly relevant traffic to your website or offer.


Millions of marketers are already using LinkedIn to drive business value and have achieved incredible results from this platform.

According to the survey by Content Marketing Institute, it is the preferred choice of 91% of the executives.

It remains to be seen how you can use this platform to create value for your business.

Planning to increase engagement on LinkedIn? You should go through this guide by LinkedIn to explore the solutions offered by LinkedIn and how you should use them to full effectiveness.

How do you rate LinkedIn as a platform to engage with your prospects? Please comment below.