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Webinars continue to grow in popularity. Marketers, around the world, are using webinars as a cost-effective and convenient tool to create an event like experiences for their prospects and customers over the web.

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, webinars have been reported as the 3rd most effective content marketing tactic.

The question, now, is not why webinar but rather at what stage of the buying journey you should host it

Here are 4 scenarios when you can host a webinar:

1. Thought leadership

Effective engagement at the early stages of the buying funnel helps you to build a relationship with your prospects. This provides you great returns in the long run when they are ready to buy.

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, thought leadership webinars at the early stages of the buying funnel have been found to be highly effective.

Hence, you should consider hosting webinars which focus not on selling your products or solutions but on providing knowledge about the industry and the recent trends.

Smart tip: For this purpose, you can even consider inviting an industry expert who can share his/her expertise with your prospects. This would not only build your credibility among your prospects but also increase your reach.

2. Solution

Solution webinars are hosted when you need to educate your prospects about any of your solutions.

This can serve two purposes: First, it can provide additional use cases to your existing customers who might not be aware of the same. Second, it educates those prospects who are still not aware of your solutions.

Hence, this can increase the usage of your solution and at the same time enable you to open new areas of growth.

3. Demonstration

There are times when you have to give an actual demonstration of your product to explain its benefits to your prospects.

This is especially true in case of technical industries like IT, manufacturing etc.

You can use webinars to give product demonstrations to spread your word without a physical touch and also take up live questions and feedback at the same time.

4. Training

There might be a case when your new customers or employees need training for effectively onboarding them. Webinars can prove to be a great tool here as well due to their interactive nature and low physical involvement.

You can also consider mixing webinars with your physical trainings as a pre-training preparation material.

This can help you in conducting effective physical trainings where you can focus more on the practical rather than the theoretical aspect.


It is common knowledge now that webinars are being increasingly used as a tactic to woo prospects at each stage of the buying journey.

The next step, hence, for you, is to include them in your marketing calendars. Additionally, instead of focussing on one-off webinars, you should instead consider conducting webinars at all stages of the buying journey to engage your prospects and continuously build your pipeline.

How are you incorporating webinar in your content marketing strategy? Please comment below